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  • 3 megawatts from 3 different solar power plants were built in 2015 and 2016 with production being underway since. It has since generated high income statement.

  • Own an Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Commissioning (EPCC) company by the name of Sunview Amber. Began operation in 2016 by undertaking solar power plant business. The company is made up of experienced marketing elite personnel. 

  • Secondary business activity were underway for all 3 of the solar power plants. The secondary activity has provides a long-term income source for the 3 solar power plants. Our professional management team will continue to generate considerable annual income for the company.

  • Obtained GTFS certificate, which is the Green Technology Financing Scheme. Our national government will serve as the guarantor for 60% of our bank loans.

  • Obtained CGC certificate, will receive 1.5% interest deduction.

  • Obtained MIDA 10-year tax exemption certificate.  

  • More resources have been invested to the development in East Malaysia.

  • The Malaysian government will issue a minimum of 250 trillion watts of solar power plants licenses in the year 2017. Armed with vast experience in solar power plant management and past success, coupled with strong connections with people, we will continue to apply for even more licenses to further expand our solar power plants to be the leader in the industry.

  • Our teams of elites were made up of solar energy experts and capable leaders who have vast experience in Malaysia-China trade cooperation.

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